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Non Piercing Nipple Rings you care for like Jewelry   but wear like lingerie!

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Company Profile                                                   Cher-Han Inc. was established in 1989 to create the most beautiful, comfortable, non-piercing nipple rings and body jewelry on the market.  Our pierce less non-piercing body jewelry is made with colorful stones and eye catching charms that enhance your natural beauty.  Our unique patented design includes  three (3) interchangeable sizes of rings.  Beautiful and Erotic. Lingerie with attitude. We hope to make pierce less nipple ring jewelry that is as enticing as it is sexy. Because you are able to wear our Love Chain without exposing your breasts, our nipple rings can be worn anywhere. Available in two beautiful fashion finish colors; Hamilton Gold Plate, rich gold color with a sun shine and Imitation Rhodium Finish, a beautiful chrome colored silver that shines like a mirror. All of our jewelry pieces are hand assembled. We use quality faux stones and settings. Pierce less nipple rings for birthdays, anniversaries, or to spice up your love life. We don't pierce the nipple so you never have to worry about infection or pain. Our design allows the ring to fit comfortably while "hugging" close to the nipple. Non-piercing nipple rings fashioned in the jewelers way, jewelry you wear like lingerie.  Sweetest Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentines Day. Christmas gifts. Pierce less jewelry you put-on and take-off like lingerie. No risk of infection. No holes in your body.  Pierce less is priceless. Non Piercing beauty. Nipple rings. Non-Piercing. Sweetest Day. Gifts under $50. Christmas gifts. Anniversary gifts. Don't forget your special Valentine on Valentine's Day. Treat your sweetest on Sweetest Day. Holiday shopping without the crowds. Relax in the comfort of your home and join us for a holiday shopping treat. No crowds. No lines. No full parking lots. Makes a great holiday gift. Valentine's Day will be good, Valentine's Night will be great.! Gets you noticed for all the right reasons.           

 U.S. Patents #4,987,667 #5,125,244 #5,239,841.  Other patents pending.

                                                 CHER-HAN INC.

Telephone  937-885-6288 U.S.

FAX         937-885-2119 U.S.

P.O. Box 41733  Dayton, Ohio 45441-0733  USA

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